Palmetto Bay Orthodontics Office Takes The Confusion Out of Choosing a Toothbrush

MIAMI,Palmetto Bay Orthodontics Office Takes The Confusion Out of Choosing a Toothbrush Articles FLORIDA – There are hundreds of toothbrush options, and deciding between all the different brands, designs, sizes and shapes, types of bristles and extras like tongue scrapers or finger grips can be overwhelming.Two experts from a Palmetto Bay orthodontics group are demystifying the toothbrush selection process and starting their patients on their way to keeping teeth healthy and strong during orthodontic treatment.”The best toothbrush available is whichever one you will use every day with proper brushing technique and patience,” said Dr. Phillip Kaner, who started practicing in Pinecrest in 1972. “Ultimately, brushing your teeth during orthodontic treatment, whether you’re wearing traditional metal braces or Invisalign trays, is not much different from a normal dental care routine.”Toothbrushes: Powered Vs. ManualAccording to top orthodontists and the American Dental Association, manual toothbrushes can be just as effective as powered ones when they are used properly. The way the toothbrush is used is the key to preventing tooth decay.”Several of my patients who are the best brushers use a manual toothbrush,” said Dr. Pedro Alquizar. “Their explanation for great results is taking plenty of time to brush.”Alquizar and Kaner recommend that their patients brush for three to fiveĀ sonicare cyber monday minutes at least three times a day. Knowing how long it takes to thoroughly brush teeth takes time to get used to, so they tell patients to keep track with a timer or a song. Using dental floss or interdental cleaner once a day to remove food particles from underneath the gum line and in between teeth is also very important for keeping teeth healthy.”My personal preference is electric toothbrushes because they provide consistent brush stroke and force, and that means a predictable and effective brushing technique,” said Alquizar. “Sonicare toothbrushes are what I’ve used at home for more than a decade, so I feel confident recommending the technology behind it.”Any electric toothbrush yields good results if used correctly though. For any toothbrush, powered or manual, it is important to choose one with soft bristles. Many people assume that a toothbrush with hard bristles is more effective at cleaning teeth, but hard bristles and vigorous brushing can damage gum tissue, tooth enamel and root surfaces.”Brushing your teeth while wearing braces with fixed brackets will probably take a little extra time and effort at first,” said Kaner. “But we will show you how and make sure you are confident you know how to take care of your oral health properly.”These are some general recommendations from the ADA about oral health care:

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